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If you are looking for some arousing, hedonistic experiences, some of the massages described below might be perfect for you!

The massages I deliver + some details about them...



Nuru massage:

Minimum booking time – 1 hour = £110

An erotic massage which originated from Japan.
I will use my hands and entire body to massage all parts of your body, providing more bodily contact than found in a traditional massage.

The word ‘Nuru’ stems from a Japanese word for ‘slippery.’ Why? We will be both covered in Nuru massage gel. The gel is colourless, odourless and made of natural Nori Seaweed!

It can spice up your sex live. Being covered in gel and sliding against another body can not only create new sensations, but also help you feel more comfortable in your own skin. You can discover more than just a physical connection. Nuru massage is intimate by nature and can, therefore, improve emotional connections. In fact, Japanese culture views the Nuru massage as a spiritual journey.


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Lingam massage:

Minimum booking time – 1 hour = £90


Lingam Massage is an erotic massage that focuses on the Lingam – ‘Pillar of Light’ to give it the literal translation.

The touch will vary from light to firm, creating a wide range of different sensations.
The strokes are designed to give the massage an unpredictable feel, so that you have no idea what is coming next.
During the massage, I will stimulate you over and over again without overloading your senses and therefore increase your stamina for pleasurable touch. I will pay attention to the erogenous zones to bring crashing waves of pleasure but because I am in control, your climax is in control too, as I guide your body through the experience.

The best way to enjoy this type of massage is not to worry too much about trying to anticipate – just lie back and experience each new sensation as it happens. 


You can expect to feel much more relaxed both during and after this type of massage.
The sensual and erotic nature of the massage means it can be a fantastic way to release tension and stress.



Relaxing massage with happy ending

This will be a more relaxing massage on my massage table, giving you a happy ending as well.

Minimum booking time – 1 hour – £90

You can touch me during the massage, I love my bum and breasts being squeezed, a lot!

Disclaimer: Massages do not include full service, only happy ending, if you want a combination of the two, then my full service prices apply!

So, let me know which one you would like and let me take care of all parts of your body!


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